Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess what??? The Blitz is finished and in little bags on the tables. No digging and plundering in the bags until the card is revealed. Gotta surprise you a little. Bring your scoreboard, colored pencils, and odorless mineral spirits if you have them. Not to worry if you don't, because we have some here at the shop.

The "Tranquili-Tea and Spa" ladies will be here tomorrow. Be ready to see the great things they have to offer. Can't wait to see the goodies myself.

Had a nice surprise for lunch today. Steve, Becky, Carter, and Tate brought me lunch. Naturally the minute they arrived the shop was busy. But it was great getting some hugs and sugar.

Gotta get some rest before tomorrow. Better pack it up and get the kiddo home.

See you at the shop.

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Jenna said...

THANK YOU Gail for allowing Barbie and I to come and promote the "Tranquili-TEA & SPA" Parties at the monthly CARD BLITZ yesterday. I had such a good time! I love the Card I made too! FUN!!!! I even posted your gorgeous "Valentine Tree" on my website, It's LOVELY. See you soon. Yours truly, Jenna

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