Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28, 2015 - Farewell Pokey

Sad day today at the house.  We lost our pasture buddy, Pokey.  I am gonna miss patting and telling him what a good boy he was for standing still as I put on his blanket. He was a mess and too smart.  We put his feed in a big water trough.  Yes, he had gotten to the point where he would drop his food so we gave him a bigger dish.  He would flip the trough over on it's side to look for stray grain.  I would start to walk out with the bucket of feed and he would flip that trough back up.  He knew the trough had to be up for the feed.  I told you he was a mess.  If he was in the back pasture and saw you come out the back door he would come running.  I was amazed that he could run like that at his age.  His best trick was to hang over the fence pretending he had not been fed.  We had to come up with a system to let one another know he had been fed. Animals are wonderful but it is too hard when you loose them.

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