Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grand Pa - February 8, 2014

Boy, have we had some cold weather or what.  Even with all this cold weather we have had a yard full of beautiful Cardinals.  I guess compared to further North we are warm.  Yesterday and today looks like it could snow it is so overcast. Oh well, give me the cold any day.  Hot weather is what I don't like.

My 95 year old Mother-in-law fell and had to have a hip replacement.  She had a brief stay in the hospital and is now in rehab.  She is in great spirits and is doing well.  This fall scared her and she has decided to go to an assisted living facility.  Now I won't worry about her falling down the attic or cellar stairs.  So glad she had a panic button.  She had the paramedics there in no time.  Her biggest worry was that they had to break the door to get to her.

Our first layout for this Thursday is about those special people in our lives that bless us so much.

Here is a Great Grand Pa and two adorable little stinkers.   :-)     Love them!!!

Have a great day and I am off to work on the second LOVELY layout.  That is a little hint.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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