Saturday, October 5, 2013

Play Ball - October 5, 2013

Oh my gosh!!!  I can't imagine it being October already.  Some places are having an amazing snow storm.  Yet we have been having some hot weather and watching a storm named Karen.  Looks like we may have a very cold Winter.

I have the first layout ready for next week. It amazes me seeing these little guys on the baseball field.  I would love to be able to hear this conversation.  You never know what these little guys will say to you.  I can remember having lunch with this one not too long ago.  It was just the two of us.  He was coloring and we were talking about different things.  Then comes the question.  "Aunt Gail what do you want to be when you grow up?"  I take a pause thinking as fast as I can.  Then off he goes telling me he is going to be a policeman.  Sometimes it pays to just listen :).  They make me smile whenever we are together.

Have a great day and I am off to the next layout.

Smiles 'til I see you.

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