Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everyday Moments

How active are you during a day Some days I am very active(like Thursday mornings). Other days I may move slower. But a boy is non stop action. Their day is full to the brim with fun and laughter. Maybe we need to take their example and go full force and enjoy the day. I think if we did that we would sleep like babies. The layout is full of action and activities. Whew it wears me out just thinking about those parents.

You may have moments in your day full of family and friends. Whatever you enjoy. Get those pictures and relive the action while getting them on a page.

Better get finished and get that little girl of mine home before the storms hit.

See you at the shop.


Anonymous said...

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Gail @ Scrappy Papers said...

I love to hear from people who enjoy my everyday antics.

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