Saturday, March 5, 2011

What a beautiful landscape these days. So many beautiful trees are blooming. Achoo!!! It is rough on the allergies but oh what a sight. Pokey is enjoying all that fresh greenery that is popping out of the ground. i am not liking to have to use the AC so soon. Oh well. Enjoy it all before that stinking heat really does move in.

Sandy is still missing her Cricut cartridge 'Tags, Bags, & Boxes". Please take a moment and look through all your cartridges to make sure it is not in your stash. You know how easy it is to start cleaning up around here and put things in your stash by accident. That is why we put our names on the things we bring to the shop. Then it is easy to get it returned to the right person.

Lot's of things happening. This is national pie month. So on Cricut Club Day we will be bringing in our favorite pie. I guess I better start fasting now. Oh my!!! Then the first Saturday of April is our sidewalk sale. Several people have reserved a spot for their table. Clean those craft rooms out and get ready to bargain.

AC Moore in Jax has the Cricut Expression with several cartridges on sale for $199.00. I would call to make sure they still had them in stock. You know with the price of gas these days don't want to waste a trip.

Today is play day. So far it looks like everyone is playing at home. Miss Priss and I are here at the shop by ourselves. She has had a bit of chicken in a biscuit and is now all curled up on her blanket.

See you at the shop.

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