Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What a joy children are. They are so blunt and loving at the same time. It takes energy to keep up with them but well worth it. You only have a short time with them because they grow up. So enjoy them while you can. I enjoyed Emily coming to the shop and now she is in school. I don't have the opportunity to see her that often. Now Carter man comes to the shop and I will enjoy him while I can because he will be in school in a heartbeat. There are other Great Nieces and Nephews scattered around and I don't get to enjoy them very often. So I depend on pictures to capture their antics. This weeks layout is all about those little antics. My bother now has a parrot and from what I hear he has trained the parrot to do all kinds of things. Apparently, this parrot has become my Great Nephew's best bud. Perching on that little shoulder and hanging on no matter where it goes.
Now I am just waiting to see the parrot grab that pacifier!!!

Saturday is the Cookbook signing party and the Cake bake off. So plan to join the fun!!!!

Better get closed up and get myself bundled up before that temp drops anymore. 34 degrees in the morning!!

See you at the shop.

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